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AWS Client User Guide

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Vaisala AWS Client is used for configuring the weather station, downloading data log files, and performing maintenance tasks.

Depending on the weather station, AWS Client can connect to the station with the following connection types:

  • Serial line
  • TCP/IP socket
  • Dial‑up
  • Cellular modem

The QML data logger stores sensor observation data in log files. With AWS Client, you can:

  • Download the log files to your computer and view them. You can define several download settings, such as the schedule for automatic downloads, where you want to save the downloaded files, and which operations the program automatically performs at each download.
  • Convert the log files into CSV format for viewing in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Configure the QML data logger to transfer observation data automatically to other external systems.

When you initially set up the weather station, use AWS Client to set the station-specific parameters, such as the station name, altitude, pressure sensor height, and sensor-specific calibration coefficients. In addition, set the weather station date and time manually or synchronize them with the computer clock.

The AWS Client software is delivered on a USB drive with the weather station.