Configuring server socket with SMS - AWS310 - AWS310-SITE - AWS430 - MAWS201

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You can trigger server socket connection open from the QML data logger to AWS Client by sending an SMS text message to the QML data logger. This requires advanced configuration on the logger and a cellular modem to be connected to a computer that has the AWS Client installed.

Connecting to the QML data logger with this method can involve significant delays, which depend on how fast the SMS text message gets through and the QML data logger manages to establish a cellular connection for IP.
  1. In AWS Client, select Settings > Address Book.
  2. In the Address Book window, select New.
  3. From the Type list, select Server Socket with SMS.
  4. In Common, set the following:
    Type an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the connection that you create in the address book.
    Station id
    If you have only one weather station in the network, you can leave the field blank. If you have multiple weather stations in the same network, and you are going to access them over the same connection, type an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the station for which you are creating an address book entry.
    Command wait timeout (ms)
    Type a value in milliseconds that specifies how long AWS Client waits for the QML data logger to respond when AWS Client sends a request over the connection. The value should be at least 20000 ms (20 s).
    If the request, for instance, a log file download, succeeds within the timeout, a success message is displayed. If the request fails, a failure message is displayed instead, and you can try again at a later time.
    Factors such as the current load on the QML data logger, delays in the connection, and the response length affect whether or not the timeout expires during a request.
  5. In Server Socket with SMS, set the following:
    Type the port to which the QML data logger is configured to connect.
    GSM Modem COM Port
    Select the computer COM port to which the modem is connected.
    GSM Modem Baud rate
    Select the bit rate for the modem.
    GSM Modem Flow control
    Select the flow control mode for the modem.
    Telephone number
    Type the phone number of the QML data logger modem.
    Wake-up message
    Type open <connX>, where <connX> is the logger SMS handler configuration.
    Optional initialization commands
    Type additional initialization commands for the modem:
    AT+CPIN="<PIN code>"
    AT+CSCA="<SMS center number>"
    It is possible to use an external program to execute the SMS sending. In this case, select Use external program and, in Program command line, type the startup command and parameters for launching the external program. In this case, neither the modem settings nor the wake-up message are used.
  6. To save the changes, select Save.