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You can change the offset value of the measurement by entering a new value for the sensor reading, and the offset value is changed accordingly. Offset calibration may be useful, for example, if you have a reference sensor providing a measurement based on which you want to calibrate the sensor connected to your weather station.

  1. In AWS Client, select Settings > Calibration.
  2. Select from the list the measurement that you want to calibrate.
  3. Select Offset Calibration.

    The Offset Calibration window shows information about the measurement and its calibration. The Value field shows the latest measurement value obtained from the sensor.

    The following figure shows wind sensor calibration, which is a typical offset calibration situation. Unless the weather station is properly aligned in the North–South direction during installation in the field, calibrate the wind sensor.
    Table 1. Fields in calibration window
    Field Description Input
    Sensor Sensor name as defined in the setup.
    Channel Measurement channel of the sensor.
    ID Measurement identifier.
    Status Sensor status.
    Offset Offset for the sensors. Overwrites the previous offset value with the new one.
    Sensitivity 1 Sensitivity value for the radiation sensor. Overwrites the sensor sensitivity value for the radiation sensor.
    Factor 2 Measurement gain for all but the radiation sensors. Overwrites the previous gain value with the new one.
    Value The last measured sensor reading shown in physical units. Overwrites the sensor reading with the typed value, that is, changes the offset of the measurement.
  4. Type the new value for the measurement in the Value field and select Calibrate.

    The values that you have changed in the Offset Calibration window but have not yet sent to the QML data logger by selecting Calibrate, are displayed in bold.

    The measurement values obtained from the sensors in the Offset Calibration window are not updated automatically. To get the latest measurement values, select Refresh.

    The offset value for the measurement is adjusted accordingly. For example, if you are calibrating a temperature measurement, and the value obtained from the sensor is 23 °C, typing 24 in the Value field changes the offset of the measurement to be 1 °C.

  5. To close the window, select Close.
  6. To activate the new configuration, reset the QML data logger. Select Maintenance > Reset > Immediate.
1 Displayed only for the radiation sensor.
2 Displayed for others than the radiation sensor.