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AWS Client User Guide

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  1. In AWS Client, select Settings > Options.
  2. In Locale, select the language used in the AWS Client user interface.

    If AWS Client has not been localized into the selected language, the user interface remains in English.

    To convert dates correctly, the date format for the selected locale must match the common date format set for Windows.
  3. In File Directories, select Browse to define the default Download and Upload directories for the QML data logger setup files.
  4. In Miscellaneous, set the following:
    Trace log directory
    Select Browse to define the location of the trace log files which store the information sent by the QML data logger during a terminal session. You can, for example, log your commands and the responses given by the QML data logger for troubleshooting purposes.
    Trace log on
    Select to create a trace log.
    Sleep commands enabled

    Select to enable the use of the sleep and wakeup commands on the QML data logger.

    These commands are only supported in QML201B and earlier.
    Send Close before Open
    Select to force AWS Client to always send the close command before attempting to open a service connection.
    Secure setup upload
    Select to use a secure procedure when uploading the setup. Although the secure setup upload takes longer, it is recommended especially when uploading setups over an unreliable connection.
    Terminal line wrap
    Select to wrap overlong lines onto the next line in the terminal window.
    Command line length
    Type a value to modify the maximum length for a command sent from the command line to the QML data logger. The default value is 80 characters. You can reduce the value, but it must match the value specified in the setup file. For URL settings, the value may have to be higher than 80 characters.
    Reset timeout (seconds)
    Type a value to modify the maximum wait time before the logger executes a reset.
    GSM Modem PIN
    Type a new PIN to modify the PIN code for the SIM card of the cellular modem.
    F1 ... F12
    Type the frequently used QML data logger commands in the function key fields. You can use the function keys on your keyboard as shortcuts to the commands.
    Example: sysinfo <CR> (the command ends in a carriage return)
  5. To save the changes, select Save.