Converting log files to CSV format - AWS310 - AWS310-SITE - AWS430 - MAWS201

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You can convert the downloaded log files from the binary format to CSV format for viewing.
  1. In AWS Client, select Maintenance > Log File > Convert.

    The window shows a list of log files downloaded to AWS Client.

  2. In the Log File Conversion window, set the following:
    Conversion Source
    Select the source folder for log file conversion, select Browse, and locate the folder.
    Conversion Target
    Select the target folder for log file conversion, select Browse, and locate the folder.
    Select Log Files to Convert
    Select the log file or files you want to convert.
  3. To set your conversion options, select Settings.
  4. In the Log File Conversion Settings window, select your conversion settings.
    • Merge log files of the same group: Merges log files from different dates belonging to the same log group.
    • Delete local files after conversion: Deletes the downloaded binary log files after they have been converted to CSV format.
    • Separate date and time columns: Display the date and time string in the log file in separate columns.
    The CSV conversion settings are stored on your computer, so any future CSV conversions automatically use the same settings.
  5. To save your conversion options and to return to the Log File Conversion window, select Save.
  6. To convert the selected files to the CSV format, select Convert.
    The converted log files are located in the folder defined in the Conversion Target field.
    The date and time formats in the converted log files depend on the date and time formats specified in the AWS Client language options.
Figure 1. Example of logged data in spreadsheet program