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DMT132 User Guide

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The user can replace the HUMICAP® 180R sensor with a new one. The new sensor must be of the HUMICAP® 180R type. Do not attempt to use a different sensor type.

Replacing the sensor is repair maintenance, and it is not necessary in normal operation. If the accuracy of the transmitter does not seem to be within specification, it is more likely that the transmitter is in need of calibration and adjustment, and not sensor replacement. See Calibration and Adjustment.
  1. Remove the filter as instructed in Changing Filter.
  2. Remove the damaged sensor and insert a new one. Avoid touching the Pt1000 sensor. Handle the new sensor by the plastic socket. DO NOT TOUCH THE SENSOR PLATE.
  3. Attach a new filter on the probe as instructed in Changing Filter.
  4. Perform a two-point calibration and adjustment using the CRH command as instructed in Capacitance Adjustment (CRH).
    Figure 1. Removing the HUMICAP® 180R Sensor