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It is important that the conditions at the point of installation represent well the gas to be measured. Temperature changes do not affect the dew point measurement, but pressure changes will have an effect on dew point. All leaks in the system must be eliminated to avoid ambient humidity affecting the measurement.

Direct installation to the measured gas is the recommended installation method if the temperature of the gas is suitable for DMT132 and no additional filtering is needed due to very dusty or oily gas. Oil as such is not harmful for the HUMICAP® sensor, but response time may be slower if there are oil particles in the system, or if oil is collected to the filter over a longer period of time. The maximum measurement pressure is 20 bara / 290 psia (absolute pressure) for direct measurement.

If the gas temperature is higher than the specified maximum operating temperature of the transmitter, gas sampling and cooling it to ambient temperature (for example, 20 °C / 68 °F) is recommended. Note that the dew point temperature must be clearly lower than the ambient temperature to avoid condensation in the sampling line. Sampling from the process is easy by using Vaisala sampling cell options.

The DMT132 is light in weight, which means that it can be installed in a sample pipeline in the sampling cells without the need for any additional mechanical support.