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DMT132 User Guide

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If you have a problem with the DMT132, first read the following sections concerning the behavior and error indications of the transmitter:

Typical causes of errors include the following:

  • Incorrect supply voltage
  • Incorrect wiring
  • Physical damage to the transmitter, especially the sensor elements
  • Contamination or condensation on the sensors

Some problems can be solved by simply resetting the transmitter. You can reset the transmitter by disconnecting the power or issuing the RESET command using the service port.

If resetting does not help, and if the problem is related to user calibration or transmitter software, you can restore the factory configuration of the transmitter by issuing the FRESTORE command.

If you cannot solve the problem and return the transmitter to the normal state, please contact Vaisala technical support.

If repair is needed, you can have the transmitter serviced by a Vaisala Service Center.