Installing Transmitter - DMT132

DMT132 User Guide

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Before proceeding with the installation, select first a suitable measurement location. See Selecting Location.
  1. Remove the yellow transport protection cap from the transmitter.
    Figure 1. Removing the Transport Protection Cap
  2. If you are using the optional NPT adapter, apply PTFE tape or suitable paste sealant to the outer thread of the adapter. Follow the application instructions of the sealant.
  3. Install the adapter to the mounting point.
  4. Make sure that the threads on the mounting point are of the correct type, and fasten the transmitter to the measurement point. Always leave the sealing ring in place, it is always needed to achieve a tight installation. Use your hands to turn the transmitter from the 30 mm nut until it feels tight. Do not use force at this point, and check that the sealing ring remains centered.
    Figure 2. Installing the Transmitter
    Figure 3. Tightening by Hand
  5. Use the supplied plastic 30 mm wrench to tighten the connection. Sufficient tightness is achieved by turning 20 degrees after the point achieved by hand.
    CAUTION Only tighten the transmitter from the 30 mm nut. Do NOT apply force to other points in the transmitter body.
    Figure 4. Tightening with Plastic Wrench
  6. Connect the wires of the connection cable. When using cables provided with DMT132, refer to Wiring. See also Power Supply Requirements.
    Figure 5. Connecting the Cable and LED Indicator Plug
  7. Plug in the cable to connector I of the transmitter and tighten it. For connector pinout, see Wiring.
  8. If you have the LED indicator plug option, plug it in to connector II of the transmitter and tighten it.
  9. Turn on the power supply to start up the DMT132. The analog output will stabilize in five seconds after start-up.