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DMT132 User Guide

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All commands can be issued either in uppercase or lowercase. In the command examples, the keyboard input by the user is in bold type.

The notation <cr> refers to pressing the carriage return (Enter) key on your computer keyboard. Enter a <cr> to clear the command buffer before starting to enter commands.

Table 1. DMT132 Serial Commands
Command Description
? Show device information
AERR Set analog output device malfunction error mode
ALARM Set analog output limit alarm modes
ASEL Configure analog output measurement parameters ("quantities") and scaling
ATEST Test analog outputs
CALCS Show available measurement parameters
CRH Adjust capacitance measurement after sensor change
CT Calibrate temperature measurement
ERRS Display the currently active errors
FRESTORE Restore factory settings
HELP Display the command list
L View user adjustment parameters
LI Set user adjustment parameters
PASS Access advanced service commands. Requires passcode. Use when instructed by Vaisala personnel.
PRES Set value for pressure compensation
RHCAL Calibrate humidity measurement
RESET Reset the transmitter
SEND Output the reading once
SYSTEM Show transmitter software information
VERS Show transmitter firmware version