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CL61 User Guide

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During normal operation, the ceilometer continuously monitors its internal status and reports the results in each netCDF file. This status is also available through CLI.

This information includes:

  • Communications status monitoring
  • Hardware monitoring such as heater, blower, and tilt angle monitoring
  • Maintenance monitoring, such as window blocking and window condition monitoring

The ceilometer automatically identifies the potentially faulty subassemblies.

To establish a service connection to the ceilometer, you must have a maintenance terminal, an Ethernet maintenance cable, and a laptop with TeraTerm or PuTTY terminal software. If you perform the operation check indoors, you must have an optical termination hood (CL61TERMHOOD), which absorbs the laser light that would otherwise reflect from the ceiling and possibly saturate the receiver.

CAUTION Use of maintenance connection is allowed only when maintenance operations are performed at qualified locations. CL61 does not comply with EMC standards when the door is open. The door has a conductive gasket to suppress electromagnetic radiation. When CL61 is used for normal operation, the door must always be closed.