Replacing receiver module - CL61

CL61 User Guide

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  • 2.5-mm Allen key

Make sure that you have the replacement spare part available.

Replacing the receiver includes adjusting the clean window reference. Set the new clean window reference for a clean and dry window, in clear weather, and ideally with the termination hood placed on top of the device. The clean window calibration ensures that the window condition diagnostics respond appropriately to dirt accumulation.

  1. Switch off AC (mains) power.
    WARNING To make sure that there is no AC (mains) power available for the system, disconnect the AC (mains) cable (AC in).
    AC (mains) power switch
    AC (mains) power cable connector AC in
  2. Open the measurement unit door.
  3. Disconnect the 2 cables from the receiver.
    CLR RECEIVER 2: Receiver module memory cable
    CLR COAXIAL: Receiver coaxial cable
  4. Disconnect the receiver module main cable from the device control module.
    CLR RECEIVER 1: Receiver module main cable
  5. Turn the ring with your hand or using the Allen key as a lever. Hold on to the receiver with your other hand to prevent it from falling.
    Allen key
  6. Move the receiver module slightly towards the side of the measurement unit and then towards you and remove it.
    CAUTION Handle with care. Any impact on the receiver may damage it and lead to equipment failure or incorrect measurements.
  7. Attach the replacement receiver module using the Allen key and connect the cables.
    CAUTION When attaching the receiver, avoid applying force to the receiver. If the receiver starts to rotate along when you tighten the ring, stop it from rotating by hand but do not apply force. If unnecessary force is used, the optical centering of the photo diode may be lost, resulting in loss of cloud detection.
  8. Check that you have not accidentally locked the transportation lock of the polarization unit.
    Transportation lock
  9. Connect the power.
  10. Change the user level.
    level 2
  11. When the device has been running for 5 minutes, set a new clean window reference.
    mode adjustcleanwindow

    Type Y to continue.

    Setting the new reference takes a couple of minutes. Wait for the message that this was successful.