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CL61 User Guide

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The ceilometer's self diagnostic system runs in the background and generates warnings and alarms according to the issues discovered. Malfunctions are reported in netCDF and status messages.

CL61 requires the following periodic maintenance.

Table 1. CL61 maintenance
Task Frequency
Clean the window. As needed
Check the door gaskets. As needed
Clean and maintain painted surfaces. Annually
Perform a general check. Annually

Check warnings and alarms regularly using a computer with Ethernet connection.

WARNING Because of the danger of introducing additional hazards, do not install substitute parts or perform any unauthorized modification to the instrument. Return the instrument to a Vaisala office or authorized depot for service and repair to make sure that safety features are maintained.
WARNING Verify outdoor installation grounding periodically to minimize shock hazard.
WARNING Do not perform periodic maintenance on the system alone. Do not reach into parts and assemblies that are AC (mains) powered and live except in the presence of someone who can provide first aid.