Adjusting clean window reference - CL61

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  • Maintenance cable

Set the new clean window reference for a clean and dry window, in clear weather, and ideally with the termination hood placed on top of the device. The clean window calibration ensures that the window condition diagnostics respond appropriately to dirt accumulation.

Adjust clean window reference:

  • After window replacement
  • After receiver replacement
  • After transmitter replacement
  • After device control module replacement
  • After factory reset
  • When window cleaning does not clear window condition alert

If the ceilometer system starts issuing a window condition alert frequently without a real reason, this may indicate that the window is worn out or the window contamination measurement has drifted. Adjust the clean window reference to ensure proper functioning.

  1. Establish a maintenance connection to the device.
  2. Change the user level.
    level 2
  3. When the device has been running for 5 minutes, set a new clean window reference.
    mode adjustcleanwindow

    Type Y to continue.

    Setting the new reference takes a couple of minutes. Wait for the message that this was successful.