Troubleshooting ceilometer - CL61

CL61 User Guide

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The following steps provide instructions on general troubleshooting.

  1. Depending on the problem, do one of the following.
    • Data is coming through, but the measurement values are invalid: Check the device status from the netCDF files or through the CLI with the status command.
    • Data is not coming through: Continue with the next step.
      If the device is part of a larger system, for example Vaisala AviMet, check the troubleshooting information of that system first.
  2. Try establishing a maintenance connection remotely.

    If you can connect to the device, check the device status through the CLI with the elog and status commands. For message details, see Status information.

  3. If you cannot connect to the device, check the operation of the communication devices at the receiving end.
  4. Go to the site and try the following.
    1. Check that the device is getting power. Inside the interface unit, check the LEDs of the power supply.
    2. Reset the device.
    3. Check that the AC (mains) power switch is not switched off.
    4. Check that the fuses are not in the off state.
    5. Check the cables and connectors of the interface unit and measurement unit for continuity, bad contacts, or corrosion.
    6. Check that the surge protection units are working.
    7. Check the operation of the communication devices at the transmitting end.
    8. Check the network and netCDF settings through the CLI. See Configuring netCDF reporting.
  5. Connect the maintenance terminal to the maintenance port in the ceilometer and turn on both the ceilometer and the maintenance terminal.
  6. Using terminal software, type the following commands and log the responses to a text file:
    • system: displays information of the device setup.
    • status: displays the functional status of the device.
    • get: displays all parameter values or parameter list values.
    • elog: displays event log.
  7. If the failure persists, contact Vaisala Technical Support.