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HMP Series with MMP8 and TMP1 User Guide

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  • Computer with a Microsoft Windows® operating system (64-bit version) and Vaisala Insight PC software installed
  • Indigo USB adapter (item code USB2) or USB connection cable (item code 242659)

  • Reference environment(s) for producing the desired humidity and/or temperature

This procedure can be used to adjust the probe's humidity or temperature measurement. If you want to adjust both, repeat the procedure.

Because stabilization of temperature and humidity takes time, you should expect the adjustment procedure to take at least 30 minutes for each adjustment point.

  1. Connect the probe to the Insight software.
  2. If you intend to adjust humidity measurement, first select > Sensor purge to perform sensor purge to condition the sensor. Wait a few minutes for purge to complete.
  3. Select > Calibrate > Yes to switch the probe to calibration mode.

    In calibration mode, the device will not use functions that may interfere with calibration and adjustment.

  4. Select the type of adjustment to perform: RH adjustment or T adjustment.
  5. Define the needed adjustment for the first measurement point:
    1. Insert the probe head in the reference environment for the first calibration point.
    2. Wait for the measurement to stabilize fully. This may take more than 30 minutes. Monitor the readings to see when both the RH and temperature measurements have stabilized.
    3. Click the Reference value, point 1 text box and enter the reference value of the calibration point. Press ENTER or click outside the text box when done.
    4. The probe automatically enters the measured values for the calibration point.
  6. If you want to adjust in more than one point, repeat the previous step for all desired calibration points.
    You can adjust humidity measurement in up to five points when Insight is set to Advanced mode.
  7. Check the difference between each reference and measured value. Very large differences may be due to insufficient stabilization time or unsuitable calibration setup.
    • To save the adjustment into the device, select Activate adjustment.
    • To exit without taking the adjustment in use, select Close.
  8. Check the message that appears at the top of the screen. If the message indicates that the adjustment is activated successfully, your adjustment is stored in the probe.
  9. Select the Calibration information tab and update the Calibration date and Calibration text.
  10. Select Close to exit the calibration mode.