1-Point adjustment using reference environment - HMD60 - HMD62 - MI70 - TMD60 - TMD62

HMD62 TMD62 User Guide

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  • A humidity or temperature reference (for example, Vaisala HMK15 Humidity Calibrator) to create the reference condition used in the adjustment.
  • MI70 handheld indicator and MI70 connection cable 219980SP
This example describes an RH adjustment with a humidity calibrator. The same steps can be applied to temperature calibration with a temperature reference.
  1. Prepare the humidity reference for the adjustment point you are using (for example, 11 %RH).
  2. Connect the transmitter to MI70 indicator with the MI70 connection cable 219980SP.
  3. Turn on the MI70 indicator.
  4. Insert the probe head into the reference environment.
  5. Start the adjustment sequence from Main menu > Functions > Adjustments.
  6. MI70 notifies you that automatic power off is disabled during adjustment mode, press OK to acknowledge.
  7. Select the RH parameter when prompted.
  8. The adjustment mode is now active, and you can see the measured RH reading on the screen. To proceed with the adjustment, press Adjust.
  9. Select 1-point adjustment.
  10. You are now in the 1-point adjustment screen. Wait until the measurement has stabilized fully in the reference environment, and then press Ready.
  11. Enter the known value of the RH reference with the arrow buttons (for example, 11 %RH) and press OK.
  12. You will be prompted if you really want to adjust. Select Yes.
  13. If the adjustment is successful, MI70 will show the text Adjustment Done, after which you will return to the adjustment mode. At this point you can press Back and Exit to leave the adjustment mode. The adjustment is now completed.
    If the adjustment cannot be applied, MI70 will show the text Cannot adjust, possibly followed by a text stating the reason. A possible reason for an adjustment failure is attempting to apply a very large correction to the reading.