Configuring analog outputs with Insight - HMD60 - HMD62 - SWINSIGHT10 - TMD60 - TMD62

HMD62 TMD62 User Guide

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CAUTION HMD62 only: Note that the humidity output parameter selected with the DIP switches on the transmitter component board will be used instead of the parameter selected with Insight. When using Insight to configure the output, set all humidity parameter selection DIP switches on the transmitter component board to the OFF position (left) to ensure they do not cause a conflict with the Insight settings.
HMD62 only: If you use Insight to set both analog output channels to output T measurement, the humidity parameter DIP switches do not have an effect on the output.
Figure 1. Analog output configuration options in Insight (TMD62 example)
To configure analog output with Insight:
  1. HDM62 only: Check that the output parameter selection DIP switches on the transmitter component board are switched to the OFF position.
  2. Connect to Insight and select > Configure Device > Analog Output 1[2].
  3. Select the output mode (either 4 … 20 mA or Off).
  4. Select the output parameter (TMD62: only T available).
    HDM62 only: The default analog output setup for HMD62 is 1 channel for RH and 1 channel for T. Using Insight, you can set any RH and T output combination for the 2 channels (RH+RH, T+T, or RH+T).
  5. Enter the lower and upper limits of the output scale for your selected parameter.
  6. Set the error output value and the output clipping and error limits.
  7. Select Save to store the configuration and exit the menu with Close when done.