CO2 probe adjustment example - GMP252 - INDIGO201

GMP252 User Guide

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Prepare a calibration gas or similar to create suitable reference conditions. See device documentation for calibration requirements and recommendations (for example, the effect of existing adjustments and environmental compensation settings).
To adjust the CO2 measurement of the probe that is connected to the transmitter:
  1. Before starting the adjustment, make sure that your environmental compensation settings (for example, the relative humidity and oxygen concentration values given as the current operating environment) are correct for your present environment. You can review and change the environmental settings in the Configure device menu.
  2. To open the Insight PC software calibration menu, select to access Insight main menu. In the main menu, select Calibrate.
  3. Select CO₂ adjustment.
  4. Insert the probe in the reference environment for the first calibration point.
  5. Wait for the measurement to stabilize fully. The graph shows readings of the last 60 minutes.
  6. When the measurement has stabilized, click the Reference value, point 1 text box and enter the CO2 level of calibration point 1. Press ENTER or click outside the text box when done.
  7. Check that the measured value for point 1 is automatically inserted.
  8. If you want to calibrate in more than one point, repeat the procedure for all desired calibration points.
  9. Check the difference between each reference and measured value. Very large differences may be due to insufficient stabilization time or unsuitable calibration setup.

    If you want to adjust the device, select Activate adjustment.

    To exit without taking the adjustment in use, select Close.

  10. After calibrating your device, update the information in the Calibration information tab.