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GMP252 probe handle accessories enable convenient portable use of Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252, especially when using the probe with Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator.

Probe handle accessory GMP252HANDLESP comes with a magnetic hanger, which enables attaching the probe to a metallic surface during, for example, logging of GMP252 measurement data.

Probe handle accessory ASM214342SP consists of the plastic handle only.


Inserting GMP252 probe into handle

Insert the probe into the handle by pushing it in slowly from the open end of the handle, filter first. Push until you hear a click and the probe is secured into place.

CAUTION Do not press the probe into the handle using force. Always push it in from the end of the handle.


Removing GMP252 probe from handle

To remove the probe, hold the handle firmly with both hands and release the clip that holds the probe, then pull out the probe.
  • Avoid pulling the probe by its cable
  • Avoid depositing dirt on the probe filter if you need to touch it during removal


Fastening magnetic hanger to GMP252 probe handle

A magnetic hanger is available as an optional accessory from Vaisala (item code ASM214318SP). 1

  • 2-mm Allen key
  • Hex-head screw M4×8 (1 pc) (not provided by Vaisala)
Figure 1. Fastening magnetic hanger to GMP252 probe handle

GMP252 probe handle specifications and dimensions

Figure 2. GMP252 probe handle dimensions
1 The magnetic hanger is included in probe handle accessory GMP252HANDLESP, and it is already in place as shipped from the factory.