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Consider a probe with 0 ... 5 V output, scaled to 0 ... 2000 ppmCO2.
  • When the measured CO2 rises above 2000 ppmCO2, the output rises above 5 V.
  • The output keeps rising until the measurement is 2100 ppmCO2, at which point the probe outputs 5.25 V.
  • If the CO2 level rises above 2100 ppmCO2, the output still remains at 5.25 V.
  • If the CO2 level rises above 2200 ppmCO2, the output enters the error state, which is 0 V for the 0 ... 5 V output.
Figure 1. Example of analog output overrange behavior

This example uses output scaled to 0 ... 5 V and 0 ...2000 ppmCO2, error level set to 0 V, clipping set to 5 % overrange, and error limit set to 10 % overrange. CO2 concentrations (ppm) are indicated for the clipping point and error limit point.

This overrange and error behavior is specific to the analog output, and does not affect the readings of the digital outputs.

You can change the analog output overrange behavior using the aover command.