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Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP231 is designed for incubator manufacturers requiring accurate and reliable carbon dioxide measurements and sterilization durability at high temperatures.

GMP231 probe is based on patented Vaisala CARBOCAP® technology and a new type of infra-red light source. The probe can remain in place during high-temperature sterilization cycles that heat the chamber interior to +180 °C. Special design of the probe enables easy installation through the incubator wall and ensures that the sensor optics and electronics are separated and thermally insulated.

Sensor performance is optimized at 5 %CO2 measurement. GMP231 also has an internal pressure sensor, which allows compensation of the measurement according to ambient pressure. Since dust and most chemicals do not affect the measurement, and the effect of water vapor can be compensated for, GMP231 is accurate and stable at CO2 incubator conditions.

Figure 1. GMP231 installed through a chamber wall