Analog output overrange behavior - GMP231

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Analog output of the GMP231 has a defined behavior when the values measured by the probe are outside the scaled analog output range:

  • Output is allowed to go 10% over the scaled range.
  • Output is set to error state when measured value is more than 10% outside the scaled range.
  • Output resumes normal function when measured value returns to within 10% of the selected range.

For example, consider a GMP231 with 0 ... 20 mA analog output, scaled to 0 ... 10 %CO2.

  • When measured CO2 rises above 10 %CO2, the output rises above 20 mA.
  • The output keeps rising until the measurement is 11 %CO2, at which point the probe outputs 22 mA.
  • If the CO2 level rises above 11 %CO2, the output enters the error state, which is 23 mA for the 0 ... 20 mA output.
This overrange and error state behavior is specific to the analog output, and does not affect the readings provided by the digital outputs.

You can change the analog output overrange behavior using the AOVER command.