Changing environmental compensation settings with MI70 indicator - GMP231 - MI70

GMP231 User Guide

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You can see the compensation values that are currently used by GMP231 by selecting them as display quantities from Main menu > Display > Quantities and Units. The quantities are as follows:

  • Tcomp: currently active temperature compensation value.
  • Pcomp: currently active pressure compensation value.
  • Ocomp: currently active oxygen concentration compensation value.
  • Hcomp: currently active relative humidity compensation value.
Figure 1. CO2 reading with Tcomp and Pcomp on MI70 screen

You can change the compensation settings from Main menu > Settings > Measurement settings.

Figure 2. GMP231 compensation settings on MI70 screen
When you turn a compensation off, GMP231 still shows a value for the corresponding display quantity (for example, Pcomp shows 1013.2 hPa). This is the default compensation value that is mathematically neutral for the probe‚Äôs internal compensation model.