WAC155 User Guide

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The OPEN command establishes a service connection with the transmitter. Configuration commands are effective only when the service connection is open.

OPEN [id]<cr>
id Case sensitive device ID. Must be used if a device ID has been set for the specific transmitter. The device ID can be 1 to 5 characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9)

As a factory default, the transmitter ID is "K". If you have not set a device ID for the transmitter with the SETDEV command, you can open the service connection with OPEN K<cr>.

If you do not know the device ID, open the service connection with the dollar sign "$": OPEN $

Use this command only when you have a single transmitter on the bus.

The service connection remains open until it is closed with the CLOSE command or the defined service timeout expires. You can configure the timeout with the SERVICE TIMEOUT command. When the service connection is closed, the transmitter returns into the normal data transmission mode.


>open K
Vaisala Serial Wind Transmitter WAC155
SW version 2.2.1
Service connection opened