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WAC155 User Guide

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Vaisala Serial Wind Transmitter WAC155 communicates through a half-duplex RS-485 interface accessible through terminals X2/7-8.

You can configure the transmitter to send wind data messages at regular intervals (auto-transmit mode) or you can get the data as a response to an MWV query. The data is provided in standard NMEA/MWV wind speed and angle messages. A service interface is available at pin header X5 of the board.

You can connect more than one transmitter to a single RS-485 bus. In case of a single transmitter, you can set the device to transmit data messages at a preconfigured interval. If there are several transmitters in the bus, you can only poll data with the MWV query.

Each device in the same bus has a unique configurable ID, containing 1 … 5 characters. Alphabetical characters a-z, A-Z (case-sensitive), and numbers 0-9 are accepted.

Table 1. WAC155 default serial communication settings
Property Description/Value
Baud rate 9600
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop bits 1

The service interface at pin header X5 provides the same functionality as the RS-485 interface at X2. Using the service interface affects the RS-485 interface since they share the same data communication port on the WAC155 circuit board.