Wiring WAA151 and WAV151 with WAC155 - WAC155 - WAA151 - WAV151

WAC155 User Guide

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When installing WAC155 on a weather station, see the weather station documentation for installation instructions.
The following wiring diagrams show how to wire the WA15 sensors WAA151 and WAV151 with WAC155:

Basic wiring

The following figure shows the basic wiring when WAA151 and WAV151 wind sensors are connected to the WAC155 transmitter. Heating power is not connected.

Figure 1. Wiring WAA151 and WAV151 with WAC155

Wiring with WHP151

WHP151 is sold only as a spare part.

The following figure shows WAC155 wiring with Vaisala Mains Power Supply WHP151 with heating power connected.

WHP151 has jumpers for configuring the power output. Connect pins 2 and 3 of X5 to set the correct operating voltage and remove the jumper of X4 to provide continuous heating power. If you connect the heating in series to both sensors as shown in the figure, set the heating power to 38 Vrms 0.5 A by connecting pins 2 and 3 of the X8 jumper.
Figure 2. Wiring WAA15 sensors with mains power supply WHP151