Configuring WAC155 for WA25 - WAC155

WAC155 User Guide

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You must configure WAC155 for WA25. With default settings WAC155 and WA25 sensors can return null fields.
Type commands on a single line and terminate them with a line feed <lf> or a carriage return <cr> character. Separate parameters and values by a space.
  1. Open a serial connection to WAC155.
    The default settings are 9600 bps, 8 N 1.
  2. To open a connection for commands, type OPEN [id]<cr>.
    open $
  3. To set the spdvoltlimit parameter, type SETALR spdvoltlimit 0.
  4. To set the dirvoltlimit parameter, type SETALR dirvoltlimit 0.
  5. To set the powersave parameter, type SETMEA powersave 0.
  6. To get the parameters into use, reset WAC155 by typing RESET.