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The following table lists the commands available in the service connection.

Table 1. Configuration commands
Command Description
OPEN Opens the service connection.
CLOSE Closes the service connection.
HELP Displays the command list.
SETDEV Sets the ID of the transmitter.
SETMEA Configures measurement parameters.
SETSPD Configures wind speed computation.
SETDIR Configures wind direction computation.
SETMES Specifies data transmission mode.
SETCOM Configures communication parameters.
SETALR Configures sensor alarm limits.
SETHEA Configures wind sensor heating control.
GETHEA Displays the current heating status.
SERVICE TIMEOUT Configures timeout for service connection.
GETSET Displays the current settings of the device.
ERRS Displays the current error status.
INIE Resets the transmitter to factory default settings.
RESET Resets the transmitter to new settings.

The following table lists the definitions for various command line elements.

Table 2. Definitions for command line elements
Element Meaning Text style used
SAMPLE Specifies the name of the command or utility. UPPER CASE BOLD
{variable} Indicates a set of choices from which the user must choose one, several, or all. lower case enclosed in {braces}
[option] Indicates optional items. lower case enclosed in [brackets]
<value> Specifies the value for the option. lower case enclosed in <angle brackets>
. , : ; Punctuation marks are a part of the command and must be included as they are. lower case
<cr> Stands for pressing ENTER. lower case