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To poll for an MWV message, type the following query:

$WIP Fixed text at the start of the query
K Default transmitter device ID
Q Marks the message as a query
* Asterisk, indicating that the next field is the checksum
78 Two-character checksum for the device ID

The data in the response follows the MWV message format, but the header is different:

$P Fixed text at the start of the response
<ID> Transmitter device ID
MWV Marks the message as a wind speed and angle message

After receiving a query that uses its device ID, the transmitter replies with an MWV message containing the wind data. An example of a query with device ID "A":


Example of response:


The following table lists checksums and polling strings for queries with some typical device IDs.

By default, the transmitter does not respond to an MWV query. You can enable the response with the SETMES command by naming any of the messages (0 ... 3) MWVQUERY. See SETMES.
Table 1. Checksum
ID character <id> Checksum <CS> Polling string
A 72 $WIPAQ,*72<cr><lf>
B 71 $WIPBQ,*71<cr><lf>
C 70 $WIPCQ,*70<cr><lf>
D 77 $WIPDQ,*77<cr><lf>
E 76 $WIPEQ,*76<cr><lf>
F 75 $WIPFQ,*75<cr><lf>
G 74 $WIPGQ,*74<cr><lf>
H 7B $WIPHQ,*7B<cr><lf>
I 7A $WIPIQ,*7A<cr><lf>
J 79 $WIPJQ,*79<cr><lf>
K 78 $WIPKQ,*78<cr><lf>
L 7F $WIPLQ,*7F<cr><lf>
M 7E $WIPMQ,*7E<cr><lf>
N 7D $WIPNQ,*7D<cr><lf>
O 7C $WIPOQ,*7C<cr><lf>