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As a default, the time format is based on the 24-hour clock. Also a 12-hour clock can be used.

The default date format is day.month.year, for example, 25.4.2020. The date format can be changed to or

  1. Open the menu by pressing Open.
  2. Select Settings and press .
  3. Select Date and time and press .
  4. For the desired date, select Date and then press Set. Use the arrow buttons to change the date. Confirm the selection by pressing Select. To change the date format, select an option and press Select.
  5. For the desired time, select Time and press Set. Use the arrow buttons to change the time. To confirm the selection, press OK. To change the time format, select 12-hour clock and press On/Off.
  6. To return to the basic display, press Exit.