Calibration and adjustment by user - GM70

GM70 User Guide

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GM70 can be calibrated and fine control adjustment can be carried out by the user. Note that this adjustment does not correspond to an accurate factory adjustment. Making a user adjustment is recommended only if the reading error is less than 10 % of the measuring range in the low end and less than 20 % of the measuring range in the high end. The calibration report supplied with the product is not valid after the adjustment.

CAUTION You can no longer revert to factory settings after making a user adjustment.
Adjustments cannot be done with GM70PUMP.
Adjustment is carried out:
  • by using reference gases and a field check adapter, or
  • by comparing two probes: the probe to be adjusted versus a calibrated probe.

To open the adjustment mode, you need to press the adjustment button (see Figure 1) located in the probe handle. The GMH70 handle does not meet the IP65 classification requirements after removal of the screw that covers the adjustment button.

Figure 1. Location of adjustment button
Adjustment button (covered by a detachable screw).