Making an adjustment with 2 probes - GM70

GM70 User Guide

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You need to have 2 probe handles and 2 probes: 1 calibrated probe and the probe to be adjusted. It is recommended to carry out the adjustment in a stable environment and near the concentration values in which the device is used.
To make the adjustment:
  1. Switch on GM70.
  2. Take the probe you want to adjust. Unscrew the probe handle screw to expose the adjustment button (see Figure 1). Press the button with a small screwdriver. When pressing the button, the indicator switches to adjusting mode.
  3. Select CO2 and press Select.
  4. Press Yes to give the ambient pressure and temperature values. Remember to check that pressure and temperature values are the same with both probes. To continue adjusting, press Exit.
  5. The adjustment mode is now active. Press Graph to confirm that the readings have stabilized. Go back and press Adjust to select the adjustment method.
  6. Select To same as CO2, press Select and then Yes.
  7. The adjustment is complete. Press Back and Exit to return to the basic display.
  8. Replace the screw onto the adjusting button.