Taking measurements (pump-aspirated sampling with GM70PUMP) - GM70

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When using the pump-aspirated system it is recommended to power the system by using the charger socket connected to a wall socket.
Only one pump-aspirated system can be connected to MI70 at a time.
To use GM70PUMP for pump-aspirated sampling:
  1. Connect one end of the sampling tube to the gas inlet (marked with IN), if using a tube.
  2. Connect the black cable of GM70PUMP to the MI70 indicator's connector port.
  3. Plug in the charger socket of MI70 and connect the charger socket to a wall socket.
  4. Connect the GMP220 series probe to the probe connector of GM70PUMP.
  5. Insert the probe in the measuring chamber. Note that to have a tight installation, the 2 O‑rings on the opening of the measuring chamber should not match together with the filter edge or the tapes on the probe (see Figure 1). When operating the pump, especially when taking a sample from hot and humid conditions into room temperature, take care that no condensation forms on the probe.
  6. Install the other end of the sampling tube to the sampling location.
  7. Switch on the MI70 indicator.
  8. Switch on GM70PUMP.
  9. The basic display opens. Wait for a few minutes to get a stabilized reading. For the most accurate readings wait for 15 minutes to reach the full operating state of GM70.
    Figure 1. Correct connection of GM70PUMP
    For a tight connection, match the 2 O-rings together with the smooth probe surface.
The battery indicator of the MI70 display does NOT show the actual recharge level when the pump is in operation.