Taking measurements (diffusion sampling with GMH70 handle) - GM70

GM70 User Guide

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When using the MI70 indicator for the first time, see MI70 first start-up settings before proceeding to take measurements.
To take measurements using the GMH70 handle:
  1. Connect the probe cable to the MI70 indicator's connector port.
  2. Switch MI70 on by pressing the Power ON/OFF button.
  3. Wait for about 15 seconds to get the reading. For the most accurate readings wait for 15 minutes to reach the full operating state of GM70.
  4. Install the probe to the measuring position. Avoid exhaling near the probe as this increases the CO2 concentration.
  5. The MI70 basic display opens. Allow the reading to stabilize.

    Handle the probe carefully. Strong impact or falling may damage the probe.

    If you need to disconnect the probe, first press the Power ON/OFF button to switch the MI70 indicator off. This ensures that all settings and data are saved properly.