Installing and recharging MI70 batteries - GM70 - MI70

GM70 User Guide

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Vaisala recommends using the rechargeable battery pack (item code 26755) with GM70, instead of alkaline batteries.

If you are using alkaline batteries, unscrew the back plate of the indicator and insert the batteries. Do not attempt to recharge standard alkaline batteries.

If you ordered MI70 with a rechargeable battery, it is already in place as shipped from the factory. The delivered batteries have been pre-charged.

To recharge the rechargeable battery:

  1. Plug in the charger connector to the MI70 indicator. The socket is located at the top of the indicator, covered by a rubber seal.
  2. Connect the charger to a wall socket. An animated battery icon in the left corner of the display indicates that the battery is charging. The recharge duration (typically 4 … 5 h) depends on the charge level of the battery.
    A new battery takes approximately 3 charging cycles to reach its maximum capacity.
    Do not store the batteries empty. Empty batteries may not charge after an extended storage period.