Introduction to Indigo300 transmitter - INDIGO300

Indigo300 User Guide

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Figure 1. Indigo300 connections overview

Vaisala Indigo300 Transmitter is a host device for displaying measurement values from Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes and/or transmitting them to automation systems through analog signals.

Probes can be connected to the transmitter tool-free using the locking wheel. You can connect a probe to the locking wheel directly or by using a cable. Instead of the locking wheel, it is also possible to use a cable gland with a fixed cable.

The service port on the front can be opened with a 4-mm Allen key for enabling access to the free Vaisala Insight PC software or Indigo80 handheld indicator.

With Insight and Indigo80, you can configure both the transmitter and the probe connected to it, as well as calibrate and adjust the probe without having to detach it from the transmitter.