Transmitter display - INDIGO200 - INDIGO300

Indigo300 User Guide

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Figure 1. Indigo300 display, numerical mode
Display view navigation icons
Message field for notifications, warnings and errors
Active connection to Insight PC software or Indigo80 handheld indicator

You can configure the transmitter display to show 1 to 3 measurement parameters in numeric and graph format. Notifications, warnings and errors are shown on a message row on the top part of the display.

The displayed parameters, display brightness, and display mode (numeric or graph) can be configured with the Insight PC software or Indigo80 handheld indicator.

By default, the display shows the output parameters configured for the transmitter's analog outputs. If no output parameters have been configured for the analog outputs, the display shows the preferred parameters of the connected probe.

Switching between display views and turning display off and on

To switch between different display views, push the left button on the front cover once.

To turn the display off and on, keep the left button pressed down for a few seconds. You can also turn the display off with the Insight PC software or Indigo80 handheld indicator. When the display is off, the LED status indicator lights up to inform about the device status.