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WID512 User Guide

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The display does not respond

Probable cause Solution
The uploaded software version is not compatible with the configuration version. To restore the default configuration, press both front panel buttons at the same time and hold them down for 10 seconds until the message Restoring configuration is displayed.

Nothing is seen on the display

Probable cause Solution
Display brightness level may be too low. Press the front panel button (+) to increase brightness. See Adjusting brightness using front panel keys.
The power source may not be connected, or the cables are loose or defective. Make sure that the power source is connected and check the power cable condition.
Power supply or the display may be faulty. Check the power supply and replace it when needed.
If the power supply is OK, the display may have a hardware failure. Contact Vaisala.

Text “Starting..” is constantly displayed

Probable cause Solution
The display may be faulty (system failure). Contact Vaisala.

Display logo is constantly displayed

Probable cause Solution
The display may be faulty (application failure). Contact Vaisala with details of the phase where the problem occurred.

Slash marks (///) are displayed in data fields instead of data

Probable cause Solution
The system has just started and not enough data has been collected yet, for example, for average data.

Wait for about 30 seconds.

Data is missing because of sensor or communication problems. Check connections (serial or Ethernet) and sensors. See Error messages.
The network cable may be disconnected.

Check the text on the network information page:

Cable connected. Network up


Cable not connected. Network down

See Viewing network information.

Incorrect measurement data

Probable cause Solution
Sensor or configuration error. Check sensor and configuration.

Display does not respond to touch correctly

Probable cause Solution
The position accuracy of the screen has been compromised, for example, because of moving the display to another location. Recalibrate the screen, see Calibrating touch screen.

Values on screen cannot be seen clearly

Probable cause Solution
Screen brightness level is wrong for the circumstances. Adjust brightness. See Adjusting brightness using touch screen.
Screen surface is not clean. Clean the display surface. See Cleaning screen.
Wrong color scheme is in use (day/night). Change the color scheme.

Alarms cannot be heard

Probable cause Solution
Volume may be muted. Adjust volume level.

There is no navigation indicator on the data page

Probable cause Solution
The generic message(s) contain only data for page 1. Check if this is intentional. If not, check the sent message content and connections.

Navigation indicator shows fewer pages than there should be

Probable cause Solution
The system has just started and all page data has not yet been received. Wait until all data has been received.