Introduction to Vaisala Panel Display - WID512

WID512 User Guide

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Vaisala AviMet Weather Panel Display WID512 is designed for viewing important information in aviation applications in a simple manner. The display can be used for different data viewing purposes but it is most commonly used as a back-up for the main user displays of Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS).

Figure 1. WID512

The display supports up to 16 pages of information. The data shown on the display is controlled by the external sending unit’s host computer with the Generic Mode Message, which defines the content of each displayed page.

The display uses a compact 5.7‑inch LCD screen suitable for aviation-related operating environments such as air traffic control towers, where excellent readability in both bright and dim light is required.

The display is controlled using a resistive touch screen which can be operated with bare or gloved hands. By firmly tapping items on the screen you can navigate between the available data pages and change the basic display settings, such as brightness, or select between day and night display modes.

There are visual and audible alarms to warn of serious events such as sensor or system failures.

Advanced settings are protected by a PIN code which is required to access the maintenance mode. This prevents unauthorized changes to the settings.

The display can be mounted in different ways depending on where it is installed:

  • The display can be easily mounted on a standard IEC panel with a 138 × 138 mm aperture size and a 144 × 144 mm face size.
  • The display can be mounted on a panel, desktop, or wall using the display stand included as standard.