Calibrating touch screen - WID512

WID512 User Guide

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Dull pen or similar pointing object that does not scratch the display surface

The touch screen has been calibrated to the position accuracy of less than 1 mm. If required, you can recalibrate the touch screen.

  1. On a data page, touch the screen to enter Navigation mode.
  2. On the Display settings page, press Calibrate.

    This starts the calibration routine.

  3. To indicate the calibration points, small signs are displayed on the screen one at a time. Touch all the calibration points with a dull pen or similar in the order that they appear.

    In the following figure, the arrow shows a calibration point.

  4. After touching the last calibration point, you have the following options during the indicated time period:
    • If you are satisfied with the result, press Apply.
    • If you are not happy with the new calibration, press Cancel to cancel the calibration.
    • If you do not press any button during the time period indicated, the changed calibration is NOT saved.