Exporting configuration files to USB Flash memory - WID512

WID512 User Guide

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To copy the current display configuration, for example, for backup purposes, export the configuration file.
  1. To insert the USB Flash memory into the display, remove the front cover of the display.
    1. Loosen the fixing screws for the front cover.
    2. Remove the front cover.
  2. Enter Maintenance mode.
  3. On the Advanced settings page, press Configurations.
  4. Insert the USB Flash memory in the USB port.
    SD card interface (not in use)
    USB port for exporting and importing configuration files with USB Flash memory
    USB port for computers (for Vaisala use only)
  5. Press Refresh.

    The Configurations page displays a list of the configurations available in the USB Flash memory.

  6. To export the current configuration file that the display uses to the USB Flash memory, press Export.

    After a successful export the list is updated with the exported configuration.

  7. Remove the USB Flash memory.
  8. Reattach the front cover of the display and tighten the fixing screws for the cover.