Configuring NET connection settings - WID512

WID512 User Guide

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You can change the current or default NET communication settings for the Ethernet connection.
  1. Enter Maintenance mode.
  2. On the Advanced settings page, press NET.
  3. On the Net connection settings page, select the NET connection port from the list on the left. The current settings are displayed on the right.
  4. To edit the settings of the selected NET port, press Change.
  5. In the NET settings, depending on the data type:
    • Press the arrow to open the list and select from the list of options.
    • Press the data field to open the typing pad. When finished, press OK.
    Connection type
    UDP, TCP server, or TCP client.
    Local host address
    IP address of the display device.
    Local port
    (UDP and TCP server mode only) Local port number.
    Remote host address

    (UDP and TCP client mode only) IP address of the target communication device or sensor.

    If you want to accept a connection from any IP address in the UDP mode, you can set the remote address to and the remote port number to 0. However, then sensor message polling cannot be used.

    Remote port

    (UDP and TCP client mode only) Port number of the communication device or sensor.

    Accept mode
    (TCP server mode only) Select the needed mode: Multiplex, First, or Last.
    TCP open timeout (s)
    (TCP server mode only) Type the time that the server waits before triggering an alarm about not being able to establish connection to the client. 0 = no timeout (no alarms).
  6. To save the changes, press Apply.
    The changes are valid only after pressing Apply.