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Figure 1. Maintenance mode (Settings page). To enter the Maintenance mode from the Navigation mode, press Menu. The Settings page opens.
Table 1. Settings page buttons
Button Description
Audio Opens a page for adjusting the volume level and for turning on and off the sound of the touch screen buttons and alarms.

Opens the display settings page for the following:

  • Brightness: Adjusts the display brightness.
  • Wipe: Deactivates the touch screen for 30 seconds so that you can clean the display.
  • Calibrate: Opens the calibration page for improving touch screen accuracy.
Advanced Opens the Advanced settings page. To access the advanced settings, you need to log in with the maintenance password.
About Displays information about the display, for example, serial number, software version, and software license information.
Back Navigates back to the previous page.
Home Returns to Observation mode.