Configuring message and communication settings - WID512

WID512 User Guide

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You can configure the settings for the message or the default sensor and other data sources.
  1. Enter Maintenance mode.
  2. On the Advanced settings page, press Messages.
  3. On the Select messages in use page, press Configure.
  4. On the Message settings page, select the message from the list on the left. The current settings are displayed on the right.
  5. To edit the settings for the selected message, press Change.
  6. On the message settings, depending on the data type:
    • Press the arrow to open the list and select from the list of options.
    • Press the data field to open the typing pad. When finished, press OK.
    Select the communication interface used for receiving data from the sensor, for example, COM2 if serial connection is used.
    Information that identifies the message source. Shown on the Alarms page.
    Interval (seconds)
    Select the data sending interval.
    Sensor ID

    Type the ID for the display, when applicable.

    If the generic message contains the ID for the display which is intended to receive the specific message, use the same display ID here. The display ID in the generic message is part of the message heading, for example DD1.

    The accepted ID is one character from 1 ... 9 or A ... Z. The display uses asterisk (*) as wildcard character. It means that any character is accepted when receiving sensor ID in the message.

    Select whether or not to use Vaisala checksum. Vaisala checksum is Modulus‑65536 (CS4) checksum, in hexadecimal format.
  7. To save the changes, press Apply.
    The changes are valid only after pressing Apply.