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HMDW110 with TMI110 User Guide

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If you experience problems when using the transmitter, check the following table before contacting Vaisala. If the problem you have is not listed in the table, or if the proposed solution does not fix the problem, contact a Vaisala Service Center. For contact information, see Technical support.

Problem Likely cause Possible solution
Analog output reading is unchanging and appears incorrect. Analog output is in error state. Remove the cause of the error state and the analog output will recover its normal function.
Probe outputs stars "****" on serial line instead of measurement data. Humidity sensor is wet. Wait for the humidity sensor to dry, or remove the filter and gently dry the sensors and the filter with clean instrument air.
Sensor damage.

Remove the filter and visually check the sensors for damage. Contact a Vaisala Service Center if repair is needed.

Note that you can also replace the humidity sensor yourself. Refer to instructions in Replacing HUMICAP sensor on HMD110/112 and HMW110/112 and Replacing HUMICAP sensor on HMS110/112.

Unsuitable operating environment. Verify that the operating environment is within specified operating limits.
Cannot connect to transmitter using service port. You are not using the right connection cable. Check that you are using the specified cables:
  • MI70 connection cable (219980SP)
  • Vaisala USB cable for computer connection (219690)
Transmitter is not responding to serial commands. Unknown serial line settings or Modbus mode in use. Temporarily override the transmitter's serial line settings as instructed in Accessing service port command interface in devices with Modbus output.
Transmitter is in poll mode.

Open a connection to the transmitter with the open command. See Table 1.

If you do not know the transmitter's address, give the ?? command to make the transmitter output its status information, including the address.