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HMT140 User Guide

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The Status page displays the current state of the IP settings, connection status, signal strength, and battery life parameters, as applied using the Update button on the Network tab.

To monitor the transmission status:

  1. On the Status tab, click Get to update the HMT140 Utility window with the latest status information: IP settings, WLAN and Sensor battery. If successful, HMT140 Utility displays the information on the Status page.
  2. Read IP Settings status.
    • DHCP:
      • Off – static IP address information is being used
      • On – IP settings are successfully assigned
      • Cache – IP settings are successfully assigned and HMT140 will cache this IP address
      • Failed – HMT140 could not obtain the IP settings.
    • IP Address: Current IP address. If “”, then no IP address has been assigned.
    • Subnet Mask: Current assigned subnet mask.
    • Gateway: Current assigned gateway address.
    • DNS: Current assigned Name Server address.
    • Resolved Destination: Appears if the hostname is given for the Destination.
  3. Read WLAN status.
    • Connection:
      • Failed: HMT140 has failed to connect to a wireless network.
      • Associated - Not Connected: HMT140 has associated with the network but has not connected.
      • Authenticated - Not Connected: Security settings have been authenticated but has not connected.
      • Assoc/Authen - Connected: HMT140 has associated and authenticated to the network and connected successfully to the network.
    • Signal Strength: Signal strength of the last communications. The signal strength can vary from reading to reading. Multiple samples should be taken to determine the signal strength.
    • Channel: This is the channel found during the Channel Auto Find feature or the channel set in the Setup page. If HMT140 cannot find a channel when in Auto Find mode, HMT140 Utility will display “none”.
  4. Check HMT140 battery status.
    • Est. Life: Estimated percentage remaining of the battery.
    • Est. Expired: Estimated date when the battery should be changed (dependent on the Transmit Period and the number of alarms).