Battery replacement - HMT140

HMT140 User Guide

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When replacing batteries, it is important to use new, recommended batteries and to reset the battery meter to make sure an accurate estimate of battery life remaining.

To replace the batteries and reset the battery meter of HMT140:

  1. Open the HMT140 cover.
  2. Turn the power switch off.
  3. Remove the batteries by pulling them up firmly. If the battery does not come out easily, gently pull back on one of the battery holder tabs first.
  4. Reset the battery meter:
    • Press and hold the SERVICE button.
    • Turn the power switch on.
    • Wait approximately 10 seconds until the LED light flashes and you hear several beeps.
  5. Release the SERVICE button.
  6. Confirm that the battery meter is reset:
    • Reconnect HMT140 Configuration Cable to HMT140 and your PC.
    • Start HMT140 Utility software.
    • On the Setup tab, click Retrieve.
    • On the Status tab, the Est. Life field should indicate 100 %