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In some networks, one of the optional components of the connect time may take too long to perform on a consistent basis. If the average connection time is too long it is important to try isolate the cause.

To isolate a connection problem:

  1. Open HMT140 Utility and connect HMT140 Configuration Cable to HMT140 and your PC.
  2. Temporarily turn off one of the connection options and then measure the average connection time:
    • Try setting the dynamically assigned IP address as the static address temporarily, or,
    • Try using a Destination IP address instead of the hostname address temporarily.
  3. Select the Tools tab. In the Test Connect Time area, click Start. HMT140 Utility will repeatedly attempt to connect to the network with 1 second between connection attempts. You can then view:
    • Number of connection attempts.
    • Last connect time.
    • Average, minimum and maximum connect times.
    • History of connect attempts displayed as a bar graph (each bar graph is the number of seconds for the attempt).
    • Failed connection attempts displayed as a grey bar. Failed connection attempts are not factored in the statistics.
  4. To change the Connect Window time, on the Options menu select Advanced Options, and then select the desired Connect Window time.