Viewing battery life remaining - HMT140

HMT140 User Guide

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HMT140 Utility software displays the estimated battery expiration and the estimated battery life percentages on the Status page.

To improve battery life, consider increasing the amount of time between transmit periods.

Transmit period (minutes)

Estimated battery life (months)

15 18
10 12
5 6
2 2.4

To view battery life remaining, view the battery meter status in the Est. Life field in the Status tab.

To reset the battery meter:

The meter must be reset after installing new batteries to ensure the battery meter status estimate is accurate.
  1. Turn off HMT140. Make sure HMT140 Configuration Cable is disconnected.
  2. After replacing batteries, press and hold the SERVICE button.
    • Turn the HMT140 power switch on while the SERVICE button is engaged.
    • Wait approximately 10 seconds until the LED light flashes and you hear several beeps.
  3. Release the SERVICE button to complete the battery meter reset.
  4. Confirm that the battery meter is reset:
    • Reconnect HMT140 Configuration Cable to HMT140 and your PC.
    • Start HMT140 Utility.
    • On the Setup tab click Retrieve.
    • On the Status tab the Est. Life field should indicate 100 %.